Geopolitics and Healthcare and some plans

I finally bit the bullet. I just wrote a long form on the impact of “soft power” on other nation-states, and healthcare is the key component.

I had been dithering on the impact of international relations through the “export” of healthcare as a service model. I soon realised that global health diplomacy (especially through public health) can be easily disseminated to other underserved areas.

Expect more writings/papers/coverage here. As always, the writing helps me clearly visualise the disparate dots. I just connect them.

I also continue to make little strategic investments in the specific services. I shall be sharing them in the future.

Just a small note on the GPT models. It is fun to explore services that promise to break the “mental block”; however, they do nothing to improve your writing skills. There is a thin line between copyeditors and AI writing tools. Most of them are geared towards creating mass content that is easily comprehensible and heavily search engine optimised. It doesn’t bode well for those sitting on the fence to start blogging. I don’t run advertisements or have forums/paid member areas. Use your writing to learn in public and reap the benefits of the process.

A site redesign is on the agenda. I am looking to possibly migrate the contents of the blog out of the WordPress ecosystem and shift to a self installed version. This will entail some pain in learning something new, but will be worth it. I am also looking at the options to figure out citations and utilise Zotero in the publishing ecosystem here. This won’t happen overnight, but it’s on the roadmap.

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