Heartening news in Indian Budget for 23-24

5G is a solution looking for a problem. There are concurrent developments in the Wifi space that will “match” the bandwidth requirements. 5G doesn’t require telecom companies and enterprises to practically roll out their own private networks. There is a point of contention.

In the current budget presented in the Indian parliament, the Finance Minister was emphatic about this:

Telecom Diary: Will budgetary push propel 5G development in India?, Telecom News, ET Telecom

The 5G labs will realise a new range of opportunities, business models and employment potential. “The labs will cover, among others, applications such as smart classrooms, precision farming, intelligent transport systems and healthcare applications,” Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced in the Union Budget for 2023-24. The government will also set up three Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for artificial intelligence (AI) in top educational institutions to enable vision of Make AI in India and Make AI Work for India.

There has been a concern for the trained human resources too. However, India represents a major opportunity for digital healthcare, and I am closely watching this space.

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