Twitter: Begins charging for API

And there’s an uproar.

Michael Tsai – Blog – Twitter to Charge for API

At present, I would pay a reasonable fee to keep using Twitter with NetNewsWire and IFTTT. That may change if the people I follow continue to leave the platform. And I think this may be shortsighted in that a free API encourages people to do things that make the platform more valuable.

They aren’t happy about it.

Another one:

Twitter Blue – Zeldman on Web and Interaction Design

Because we’ve all seen what happens to beloved platforms after they run for too long on fumes. Investors grab lifeboats. Founders sell to a new owner who rapidly enshittifies the platform. Or the product disappears. Or it lingers as an under-resourced shadow of its former self, like a loved one with a tragically wasting disease. (Something I know far too much about.)

Why is Twitter called a town square? As again, it’s a cultural thing. I get it. However, it’s hard to justify a concerted session to follow a thread littered with the survival graphs. It is easier to lose the context.

I won’t lose my sleep over Twitter being shut down.

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