Bing’s bling and dilemma

ChatGPT in general search:

ChatGPT is about to get even better and Microsoft’s Bing could win big | Semafor

Microsoft’s second-place search engine Bing is poised to incorporate a faster and richer version of ChatGPT, known as GPT-4, into its product in the coming weeks, marking rapid progress in the booming field of generative AI and a long-awaited challenge to Google’s dominance of search.

Something more for the context:

GPT stands for “Generative pre-trained transformer,” which is the underlying technology that powers ChatGPT and is characterized by its ability to parse through a vast dataset. For that reason, it is often called a “large language model.” The latest version of OpenAI’s software is called GPT-3.

The most interesting improvement in the latest version described by sources is GPT-4’s speed. Right now, it can take a while — sometimes minutes in my experience — for ChatGPT to answer.

This will require a massive supercomputer to run through the queries. Bing is an also-ran “search engine” infested with advertisements and general Microsoft bloatware. Microsoft has just one trick pony in MS Office and “enterprise relationships”. Everything they have touched has turned into dust. Starting from Windows 11 to their Bing search (including stuffing everything in the OS itself). It’s browser “Edge” barely has an edge and is the Internet Explorer of the 21st century. (I use Linux Mint on an “outdated” Intel based hardware that boots up faster than my current hardware with Windows 11. I can’t replace Windows completely because of specific software.

I am not hopeful of using AI generated answers. I have seen another upstart search engine ( with disappointing results. (I find Neeva/Kagi better for specific search requirements).

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