Random thoughts on leadership

I do write about leadership issues occasionally. Here’s one for the record:

Contentions: Describing your work – Herbert Lui

For example, Debbie Millman distinguishes between the image of “personal brand,” and the realities of “reputation,” “character,” and intellectual honesty. While some people may have learned to use the business-fied term, “personal brand,” to communicate that they want a stronger reputation (no doubt they’d think Millman has a great personal brand), the thinking becomes muddled along the way because the umbrella term “personal brand” is so big.

Personal branding (or social media presence on Twitter/ Instagram) appears blatant. I agree with the author’s assessment that genuine relationship building is more important. This merits consideration:

By contrast, its opposites—authenticity, building relationships with communities, intellectual honesty—all resonate with me much more. There are genuine business opportunities here, and frankly, that’s how people have always worked even before the internet.

I couldn’t agree more.

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