Apple: No longer private

Privacy is a myth in Apple land.

Jeffrey Paul: Apple Has Begun Scanning Your Local Image Files Without Consent

Apple is very good at writing technically truthful things that say one thing that cause reporters to report a different thing (which is not factual). This becomes an “everybody knows” sort of thing where the narrative that is widely believed and accepted by the public is not what Apple actually said. Apple PR exploits poor reading comprehension ability, while maintaining some sort of imagined moral integrity because they never made any factually false statements during their attempts to explicitly confuse and induce misreporting.

This is your first and only warning: Stock macOS now invades your privacy via the Internet when browing local files, taking actions that no reasonable person would expect to touch the network, with iCloud and all analytics turned off, no Apple apps launched (this happened in the Finder, via spacebar preview), and no Apple ID input. You have been notified of this new reality. You will receive no further warnings on the topic.

The author posted this image:

Public “debates” happen on Twitter, and some “rage elements”; some of them “might be motivated” to pursue legal action, or the “advocacy organisations and non-profits” may jump and throw their hat in the ring. Like everything, companies wear down the attention spans, and this will be lost in the news cycle.

Till next update.

The only solution is to avoid using iOS devices or roll up your sleeves to learn about sync solutions from NextCloud/local storage solutions. I use Dropbox for my needs, but with the caveat that my images are being scanned anyway. Dropbox doesn’t have business interests in pushing through AI algorithms like Stable Diffusion or image morphs. It is a cloud storage solution. I am okay with that.

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