Using IFTTT and Vivaldi

Browser automation is feasible.

I always had an issue with the context switching from browser to Telegram. For example, if you need to share a link to anyone, you have to copy and paste it to an application running on your computer. This takes away the focus from reading. There is no effective share menu like you have for mobile screens.

I also needed to find a way to save the bookmarks to archive them and serve as a repository. In effect, build a highly personalised search engine. This goes back and forth on Telegram (where links are stored till perpetuity), but also back up online. I have been singed several times earlier, with the browser based bookmarking solutions losing the context. I used pinboard till the service went into deep freeze (and then some activity thereafter). I did a deep dive and settled on Raindrop as my perfect solution to the issues I faced. Raindrop syncs (and works with) IFTTT.

All I need to do is use the mouse right click menu to show the context menu. The page is bookmarked. If I highlight anything specific, those come as annotations in Telegram. These highlights and bookmarks are then piped to a specific Telegram channel.

It may sound complicated, but it isn’t. I set up a collaborative bookmarking folder for another Telegram group, where users bookmark links of interest and come streaming into a specific topic through AximoBot. I use RSS feeds extensively to achieve this. Everything happens in real time, with sync a little delayed to around five minutes, while the RSS feeds take 3-5 minutes to appear.

This saves time, effort, and creates multiple copies (and back up) to share/disseminate. If you are interested in this kind of solution, send me an email and I’ll happily create it for you.

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