Blogging resurgence

I come across these links more often now. There has been an uptick since 2021, and I haven’t seen the global bandwidth being choked by “resurgence of blogging”. However, I’d like to highlight (and reinforce) that blogging is better than social media:

Colin Devroe – Blogging is alive and well

Then there are those that already had blogs that laid dormant for a few years. They found their audiences on Twitter and so they saw far more engagement there. And, for those willing to admit it, they became addicted to the feedback loop of having large followings on social media platforms. When they publish to their blog it sort of feels like throwing a ball into a black hole. But publishing onto social media, when you have tens of thousands of followers, feels like playing table tennis. Even with that addiction to engagement, they desire to own their audience rather than build one for a tech giant. And so they reach for their blogs hoping to bring that audience from social media onto their own platform.

(emphasis mine)

It’s the addiction.

Besides, a cultural context of “building for the communities” and “researching in public” keeps them hooked. Besides, social media is great for virtue signalling and instant “validation” to show that “work is being done”, it doesn’t achieve much by gaining “re-tweets”. You have nothing to show for, barring fine tuning hyper-parameters for an algorithm driving an ad-engine. In effect, unpaid labour.

Creating content is more difficult. However, it’s not impossible. You just need to define workflows. Its simple, effective and easy.

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