Why blog: A mathematician’s perspective

This is interesting:

Why I Keep a Research Blog

I think of writing-as-learning as database indexing. In a database, an index is a data structure that efficiently keeps track of where rows in a table are located. To insert into a database via an index is slower than simply adding the row to the bottom of the table because the database must do some bookkeeping. However, querying a database is extremely efficient. A layperson’s example is organizing your books alphabetically.

Furthermore, I have a permanent, easily recoverable store of personalized knowledge. I probably consult my own blog at least once a day if not more. This is not vanity. Typically, the top of my mental stack is the first post listed on my blog’s landing page. Terry Tao has a good blog post on this, called “Write down what you’ve done.”

There’s a lot the author mentions about his work, but this is a classical example of how to do research in public. Write down the raw thoughts, finish and polish the product later. Blogging should be done without fear of being judged. If someone disagrees with your assertion, it is their problem! Conversations (especially online) flow if someone offers a better alternative view. Otherwise, it’s just “trolling”.

Please read through the excellent link herein. Blogging is indeed the best alternative (and an antidote) to social media.

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