Another endorsement for blogging

The Verge:

Bring back personal blogging – The Verge

The biggest reason personal blogs need to make a comeback is a simple one: we should all be in control of our own platforms. 

If what is happening on Twitter hasn’t demonstrated it, our relationship with these social media platforms is tenuous at best. The thing we are using to build our popularity today could very well be destroyed and disappear from the internet tomorrow, and then what? 

I couldn’t agree more, though. I am surprised to see a cackle from “committed journalists” about the “demise” of Twitter especially after Musk has taken over. They seem to know more about raising debts, staking their reputations and delivering products. All the while battling regulators. The arm chair variety CEO’s masquerading as journalists shouldn’t be taken seriously.

It is important to focus on creating content, and my only constant refrain is to own your content. WordPress is the perfect vehicle for that. Medium has been run to the ground, and Ghost is an overhyped CMS. Substack is eating up investor money without delivering tangible benefits, and their one trick pony of newsletter business is fading away in favour of a “reader experience”. If you hand out money to pay to writers, it can’t scale up indefinitely. Substack uses a white label business to deliver emails, and doesn’t even own the technology! I can’t trust a company to survive for long. Unless they issue another cheeky apology and spread more investor funds to buy up PR.

Own your content. Own your thoughts. Blogging offers the best medium to fine tune your learning and achieve granularity. I am glad mainstream publications are dishing out the advise.

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