Degrees of boredom impacted by social media?

This is a press release for a published “research”. I wasn’t aware that boredom had different planes. Superficial and Profound!

Anyway, the link is here:

Social media may prevent users from reaping creative rewards of profound boredom – new research

Superficial boredom – the most common state of boredom – can be defined as a feeling of restlessness familiar to us all, of being bored in a situation such as waiting for a train where we seek temporary distractions from everyday life and in which social media and mobile devices play a significant role.

Profound boredom stems from an abundance of uninterrupted time spent in relative solitude, which can lead to indifference, apathy, and people questioning their sense of self and their existence – but which Heidegger said could also pave the way to more creative thinking and activity.

Social media definitely hampers creativity. My suggestion to anyone reading this is that social media offers no tangible benefits. Learn to automate that experience. You can have your account to interact, if you wish. But you are better off than generating data for a corporation.

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