The inherent dangers of the online conversation

Here’s something which distils the argument succintly.

The Overlords Finally Showed Up

That effectively means that online communication is becoming something where none of us ever have to worry about happenstance encounters that change our understanding of the universe. Instead, whatever we need to believe, a computer can argue for us. If I take position A on something and you take position B, it’s possible that we can both believe the other person is conversing in good faith. There’s a mutual exploration. It’s very difficult to accomplish this same group exploration remotely. Since most strangers are never going to take the time to read a five paragraph well-argued rebuttal, and since a person can generate one without having to do anything at all, we’ve effectively lost out ability to publicly discuss matters of any importance. (As AI integrates into our neural net this will apply to private conversations as well)

Twitter only amplifies negative connotations (including all other forms of social media). We never know what’s what. I have seen ChatGPT beta form and have posted these samples here. Come to think of it. Can we rely on the printed word anymore? How can we be sure that the article has not been churned out by the Ai itself? There are numerous “rewriting” services, and those who want to achieve scale for their blogs by gaming the system. Those investments yield more than investments by churning out prose (and even books) to interested individuals. Since most books are self-published (e.g. on the Kindle platform), these represent the tip of the iceberg problem.

Consider this:

This is doable (and is being done). Smart individuals will find specific ways (and means) to find out the nooks and crannies to use or abuse any system.

Interesting times.

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