Hitching the ride on social media

These are loose thoughts on major platforms. There is no permanence of the “policies” that govern them. If something has been made “attractive”, there is no guarantee that “core principles” won’t be violated. As an end user, I find that difficult to digest, because companies survive either on my money or data, in return for “services”.

These principles are enshrined in the healthcare segment (almost in stone), to offer a “medical opinion” and treat “cancers” as they have happened (in combination with other specialities). Yet, none of the companies outside this highly (and tightly regulated) sector consider themselves responsible for the “code” of delivery. I dont find an outrage for stolen data, for deficiency and lacunae in service parameters and providing a decent platform.

If you base your direct investments on social media (as they are out to attract several users for income), you’d find increasingly at the mercy of algorithms. Facebook Marketplace or Instagram’s in-app purchases, or even WhatsApp (and Telegram channels), can change their policy to keep their interests paramount. I find it odd that end users are loath to keep a backup (and as an insurance policy).

Just some food for thought.

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