Social network around feed readers?

Nah. It’s a bad idea at the outset. RSS is for consuming content. Creating a “social media network” around RSS (as a content delivery mechanism) will only create more problems. As much as I like automation, I hate algorithmic gaming of my content consumption. That’s one reason I dislike Twitter (they made a mess of the “timeline”) and content discovery.

Still, there are good ideas here, even if I disagree completely with the author’s direction. Good ideas require their own space.

How to rebuild social media on top of RSS

Over the past several months I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it looks like if you zoom in to the next level. If I had the ears of a bunch of people working on publishing, reading, and community apps, what features would I ask them to implement? What features should I implement in Yakread, my own reading app?

Do read it!

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