India: National Data Governance Framework.

India is finally moving up the value scale. I have been closely watching this “digital space” and it requires careful elaboration. The West is in a permanent decline and growing irrelevance. Globalisation is shifting its contours and its chief “spokespeople” are either pushed to sidelines or no longer have the “backing of NYT”. It’s an idea whose time has come.

In these tectonic shifts, ensuring the integrity of data (and privacy) will take considerable importance. India has the G-20 presidency, and I will attempt to track the healthcare deliberations (including attempts on data localisation). Healthcare standardisation is critical, besides augmenting the institutional state capacities.

National Data Governance Framework: Govt To Soon Begin Assembling Anonymised Datasets

“As we speak, the Indian government will soon begin to assemble large sets of anonymised dataset, collected and armoured under our National Data Governance Framework Policy,” the minister said at the G-20 Development Working Group event in Mumbai on Tuesday.

“With the vast community of Indian startups researchers and the country, the AI ecosystem, we expect this large database to be increasingly used by companies to train their AI models,” he added.

In addition:

The MoS said that the new policy will also have beneficial spillover effects. For instance, it will standardise the management, access, control and security, all digital systems and data on an unprecedented scale, he said.

Earlier this year, the government revealed its plans to unveil the new framework in a bid to set standards for the governance of citizens’ data by authorities. The policy aims to provide an institutional framework for data/ datasets/ metadata rules, standards, guidelines and protocols for sharing of non-personal data sets while ensuring privacy, security and trust, Chandrasekhar had said responding to a question in the Lok Sabha.

These are definitely exciting times!

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