ChatGPT hoopla

This is what it generated:

To create a blog post, you will first need to have a blog or website where you can publish your content. If you don’t already have a blog, you can create one using a platform like WordPress, Blogger, or Squarespace.

Once you have your blog set up, follow these steps to create a new post:

  1. Log in to your blog’s administration panel.
  2. Navigate to the section where you can create new content, often called the “post editor” or “compose” section.
  3. Give your post a title and start writing your content in the text editor provided. You can use the editor’s formatting options to add headings, bold or italic text, lists, and other formatting to your post.
  4. Use the editor’s tools to add media such as images, videos, or audio to your post, if desired.
  5. When you are finished writing your post, preview it to make sure it looks the way you want it to.
  6. Publish your post by clicking the “Publish” or “Submit” button.

Once your post is published, it will be available for anyone to read on your blog. You can also share your post on social media or other platforms to promote it and get more readers.

Very impressive!

One thought on “ChatGPT hoopla

  1. Some people I know in industry are reporting that candidates are using ChatGPT to respond to job interview questions. And that during high volume recruitment, it can get difficult to make our human vs ChatGPT responses.


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