Facebook tracking is illegal in Europe

The worst applications in one frame:

Huge win for privacy: Facebook tracking is illegal in Europe!

TL;DR: Meta’s practice of
requiring users to consent to tracking via their terms is not legal according to the GDPR.
Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp must offer a Yes & No option so that users can actively give consent – or refuse. This is a huge blow to Meta’s business model of surveillance-based advertising.

How many people understand “cross-contextual behavioural advertising”? I am not sure if this is a “win” for the “consumers”. As economic recession looms overhead, paying for email, chats, OTT applications, etc will be the first ones to be yanked off. Besides, there will be an increasing clamour for “free-healthcare”. These socialist tendencies won’t help in the long-term.

EU is charging at the windmills in a quixotic manner. EU doesn’t have any specific recognisable brand name, and a few “early prototype” search engines haven’t gained traction or market share. Besides automobiles (now increasingly owned by the Chinese), the EU has only their sovereignty to gloat about (if they haven’t pledged it at the altar of capitalism). EU is a decent market size for the big tech to do judicial jousting with politically correct “leaders.” I am not sure if the “heat is turned on” without giving the users a private alternative to communicate, it will be chaos. Do you really expect users to transition to Element or Matrix?

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