Why build Telegram channels?

Over the past few weeks, I have spent considerable time reaching out to people who create exceptional content on YouTube or Twitter. They represent my fringe interests-Indian Film Industry, Defence/Geopolitics/Indic History and Knowledge Systems, and changing technological contours. I managed to get most of them to open up their respective Telegram channels. In the course … Continue reading Why build Telegram channels?

If AI wasn’t enough; here’s “ChatGPT”

This one encapsulates it all! There's too much VC money trying to track the junk AI. I call it junk AI (after junk bonds), where someone is left behind holding a piece of paper literally worth nothing after they have been swindled. This is yet another "innovation". Yawn! Investors seek to profit from groundbreaking ‘generative … Continue reading If AI wasn’t enough; here’s “ChatGPT”