Improving writing

Writing is the best way to learn about anything!

A wonderful blog post from a developer’s perspective:

Is it worth writing about? |

When I learn a topic I normally go through dozens of posts, papers, docs, videos or books to find a version that clicks. If I can. I prefer to start with blog posts and often there are not blog posts on the subject. Books, docs, videos, and academic papers aren’t often as accessible.Even if you’re writing about a popular topic, there’s still a chance your post gets through to someone in a way other posts do not.

This, an more. I was reading about someone else’s blog around why they persist with blogging. This is definitely an old school approach. However, if you take a decadal view point (a long-term perspective), I can see my own thought patterns emerge out of the chaos by connecting the dots more easily. Yes, social media is an “excuse” for doing things in public (while blogging is definitely superior) to gather “social validation” of “likes” or “retweets”. Most “influencers” are only shilling products (as an “organic way”), and I have seen Instagram occasionally, where you require numerous “hash-tags” to become visible. Yet, you are slaving to enrich someone else for a platform where they make you believe you are enriching yourself.

What could be worse?

A blog doesn’t have the “virality”. Yes, they might “share” or “comment”, but it doesn’t “spread” like it should on social media. Twitter is automated; WordPress automatically posts the link to my Twitter account. Barring that option, I don’t think it is of any use.

Shift to blogging. You’d develop your own perspective that helps in personal enrichment.

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