Who pays for Mastodon?

That question was never asked; people just moved away from Twitter and towards a new “instance”. Hold your breath – they were shocked that it was just a “server” and the “community” depended on someone working to keep up with the standards.

zoia.org | Mastodon and long-term sustainability

One important difference between Mastodon and Twitter is that Mastodon doesn’t have a business model. Mastodon is not a business. It’s a microblogging software that runs on servers that connect to a federated network that, together, form the Mastodon network. A Mastodon server may be run for profit, but today most don’t.

As a Mastodon user, you have access to the whole Mastodon network, but your profile and data reside on the Mastodon server where you created your account. If the people running the server decide to close down, you’ll need to migrate your profile and data to another Mastodon instance. (Assuming they notify you in advance, that is.)

Here’s more:

More Upgrades!

All this work has, to be honest, burned out the team (it doesn’t help that I had surgery recently too, so have been trying to focus on my recovery). Both Mike and I estimate that we’re currently putting 4 hours PER DAY into Fosstodon on moderation and admin…EACH. And it’s similar for our mod team.

We all have other commitments like day jobs, families etc. it’s a real strain for all of us.

A break up of the costs (taken from a screen grab):

On Telegram, you outsource the entire moderation issues to a bot that automates every aspect of the tedious task. If someone breaks the rules, they can be reported to admins. I am an active participant in one of the major groups on Telegram, with over 4000+ members to discuss the upcoming beta releases. It is not perfect where some members break out in unrelated chatter, but all spammers are automatically weeded out. In other groups, with more than 200 members, they have adopted the forum style to keep users engaged. All managed through bots without overheads. If you wish to have a web interface and manage with even finer granular control, you can pay for the moderation, but most bot owners rely on donations.

Consider your tech choices, wisely!

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