Being extraordinary

This is an interesting blog post on being able to achieve “extraordinary”.

Tiffany Matthé

Extraordinary should not be the end goal. I like to envision the extraordinary space in society as a small ledge at the top of a cliff. It gives you a beautiful view and a sense of accomplishment, but is also tight and oppressing. The sheer physical constraints means that not everyone will reach it. But that shouldn’t stop you from putting a hand on the cliff and lifting yourself towards that ledge.

Why? Because the ledge is not the only thing that exists. There is a vast amount of space under it, other ledges, crooks, and crannies, that most people forget about. That space is just as valuable.

Social Media only exacerbates the “differences”. You see large smiling luncheons, and there’s an innate desire to “join the club”. You see people publishing their “research” and there’s an innate desire to burnish your credentials. You might even see this blog and consider it impossible to meet timelines to publish daily. Nothing like that. Sometimes I get bursts of creativity and utilise specific workflows to achieve the end goal. Finding the relevant literature/news is a harder task, but I rely on the “wisdom of the crowd” to achieve the filters out of the noise. Besides, I search (and hunt for) even more automation solutions to identify means to squeeze out time efficiencies, so that I can concentrate on creative processes and gain information.

Being “extraordinary” is about the path forward consistently. I wish the “success” were as easy to gain as it’s shown in movies with a “breakthrough”. I have now so many failures that I consider “success” because I know about many ways things that don’t work. Maybe there’s a higher providence that guides or shapes destiny, but one must consider that being “average” is also acceptable. Breakthrough individuals with outsize Instagram profiles maybe the new norm, but they have to burn the wick on both ends to achieve the charade.

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