Worker productivity

This was a little interesting opinion, and that’s why I included here. I won’t go into specific details but ponder this first.

Worker productivity has fallen. Experts shouldn’t be surprised – Los Angeles Times

Of course productivity is important to the economy, especially as we struggle with post-pandemic inflation, but pretending there’s some great mystery about its recent decline doesn’t help. Instead we need to examine actual reality to find out how businesses can help their workers meet reasonable expectations. Blaming it on the millennials or work-from-home advocates or whomever is not the answer.

What doesn’t work in healthcare, for example? Telemedicine? Chat applications like WhatsApp? I just spoke to a senior colleague today, who knew WhatsApp was eating into his time, but there was an intense fear of missing out. I crossed that chasm over 5 years ago, and have never been happier. It took me some pains to align my important contacts to come on a common platform (Telegram), but the “social circle of trust” was never more critical. Everyone else called, texted or just ignored. I was fine with it.

I have found my productivity soar. Even as I type this on a lazy weekend afternoon, I hardly have any disruptions, because my work is relegated to digital communication. My staff doesn’t need to call me every time; they have found a quick and shortest way to message me rapidly on Telegram. Each one of them has been given a different tone that allows me to prioritise. Likewise, when I message them back, the work is done quickly because it is strictly related to work alone.

Worker productivity can’t be blamed on the pandemic alone but to individual work-habits. There are ways to make it better.

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