Why is everyone moving to Mastodon?

Suddenly, everyone seems to have realised that Twitter isn’t what it promised to be – a digital utopia. Twitter has not made its stance clear. Is it a publisher or a platform? If it’s a publisher, its responsibilities as a media outlet are clearly defined. If it’s a platform, it’s responsible for content posted, unless it can carry out a real time “censorship” with broad connotations in cultural context. Therefore, its existence is also a mystery to me.

Mastodon promises itself as a “decentralised alternative to Twitter”. Personally, you need as server (which is called an instance) or depend on someone who’s created one. Several instances connect through “federation” and a post is called as “twoot” (or something thereof)

Someone took a strong moralistic stance:

It looks like I’m moving to Mastodon

I can’t see myself putting the same work in to help the world’s (current) richest man pay the billion dollar annual interest on the loans he took out to buy the place on a weird narcissistic whim.

He’s welcome to his opinion, but moving away from Mastodon won’t help either. Especially when you are closed to superior alternatives (like Telegram), it doesn’t inspire much confidence if you jump ship to yet another alternative. The real “strength” appears to come from “role as an influencer” or “engagement metrics” which are useless in real life.

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