The prescient warnings for “research”

BBC reports:

Businesses warn research cuts will stall UK economy – BBC News

Leading scientists and businesses have said that cuts to the government’s research risks “stalling” efforts to make the UK a science superpower. There is concern that proposed increases to boost the UK economy will now be cut back.

Prof Sir Adrian Smith, who is head of the Royal Society, which represents the UK’s leading scientists, is among those who in a joint statement with other senior researchers and business leaders have called on the chancellor to use the Autumn statement on 17 November to recommit to a long-term plan to support what he describes as “one of the UK’s greatest strengths”.

There’s also concern that £10.7bn for research by government departments could also be cut.

Among those who signed the statements made by the Academy of Medical Sciences are Wellcome, the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, Pfizer, Life Arc, the Association of Medical Research Charities, the Institute of Cancer Research, the UK Dementia Research Institute, the British Heart Foundation, the British Heart Foundation, The institute of Cancer Research, The Bioindustries Association, the Institute of Cancer Research and Cancer Research UK.

From the write up:

There are geopolitical issues; local political issues and a raft of agencies involved. As usual, there are non-profits slanging in, and donations are the first voluntary/discretionary funds stopped in for recession. Political parties (and policy makers) are themselves to be blamed for the mess they have created.

I am not sure how effective these warnings are. If you have essential services staff striking over inflationary rates and pay parity, a science funding freeze is expected. I hope the UK can maintain its research “super-power status”.

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