Why not substack?

I wrote an email to someone today and without disclosing any personal information, I think it’s worth the reproduction here:

Good to see your newsletter pop up again! 

I reiterate my offer for Telegram again. Substack is a poor choice because: 

  • They don’t have their own email delivery systems, but use a white-label service.
  • Subpar CMS. 
  • Most “heavy hitters” have alternative backups like Rumble. 
  • Their money is in “recommendation algorithm”, based on Facebook’s “promoted posts”. They are using VC money to market and have “free-user generated content” based on a new social network centred on blogs. 

A bad idea if you don’t own the medium, because algorithms are not open sourced or transparent. 

WordPress install is better. Telegram allows you to pipe RSS feeds to a channel. It’s easier to consume content on Telegram; react to posts, comment on them. Telegram has now introduced “topics”, a forum like interface, as one of the major overhauls of massive groups. It helps drill down specific topics to allow users to interact. They are slowly building it for smaller groups for next iteration.

I’d be thrilled to have you there; share resources, and a symmetric conversation on Telegram will help mutually.

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