NHS: Nursing staff facing issues

More bad news from NHS and these appear existential:

The NHS is failing the nurses who keep it afloat | Financial Times

The NHS now feels like a vast sinking ship, with staff retiring early or jumping off in frustration, patients facing long waits, and leaders struggling to plug the holes. A vicious cycle of stress and feeling undervalued is leading GPs to become locums and nurses to turn to agency work. “We can’t see the cavalry coming over the hill,” a former RCN president, Dame Anne Marie Rafferty, tells me: “only a mountain of work.”

Good staff reach the top of their “band”, and can then only earn more by being promoted to a different job. But some great nurses want to keep doing what they do well. Instead of recognising and paying them for their experience, we hit them with higher national insurance and pension contributions once they start earning more than £35,000 a year.

These appear as structural problems, and while “permanent staff” is being discriminated against, agency staffers are being “hired”, often on daily wages, without the “hassle of payroll issues”. I have heard of insider stories on how virtue signalling is flavour of the month without actionable items on the agenda. I hope NHS can “recover”.

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