Twitter meltdown

The “liberal press” has indeed had a meltdown since Musk took over.

Here’s a very well written argument on Financial Times:

The real reason to get off Twitter | Financial Times

So no, Twitter isn’t vapid. Nor are the other criticisms of it much fairer. There are some spiteful users, true, but the taunts of strangers, if not threatening, should be water off a duck’s back. It is a font of misinformation, yes, but the demand for fake news — that is, human credulity — is more troubling than its supply.

Why, then, did I quit? Why have I encouraged others to follow, regardless of the owner? Years passed before I could define the answer in clear terms.

I don’t agree with the broad assessments made herein. Twitter is a cesspool in various measures, but the real value is in “amplification”. It all depends on how Musk plans for open sourcing its algorithms. I stick to my stance that its real value is automating. I have mentioned several times before- it is a different platform, and as users, we have no real say. Unless you own the resources, your digital existence is at someone else’s mercy. WordPress, however, is in a different boat-I am using an open source product but paid hosting, which keeps it as a hassle-free experience. I don’t have to deal with the vagaries of unknown “support desks”. If need be, I can port out my data to a new instance.

Here’s more what the author writes:

This is the reason to quit: not the nastiness, but almost the opposite. Twitter is a comfort zone. It makes you feel all right about not pushing for more in life. There is lots of approval to be had on there. So you ignore that it is coming from men who are having Marvel vs DC debates in their forties. All the peer pressure is to be a passive mocker of things, including yourself. So you affect that tone, until it becomes your personality. The site’s reigning atmosphere of domestic mediocrity sucks you in until, one night, you “curl up” in front of a TV series and live-tweet it. Critics of Elon Musk say that selling the right to a blue tick will make Twitter uncool. Make it uncool?

As always, Telegram is the place to head out. Channels work without algorithms, and yet, you can automate them. Private chats and groups (now with topics) are getting a major makeover!

Leave Twitter!

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