The ivory towers of academia

This is a stark reminder: Universities have long ceased to be "temples of learning". There are few places with a "culture" which stayed with you throughout your life (and associations). Those are slipping by. Universities have now been encroached by the cancer of bureaucracy. Here's a damning article: Administrators Have Seized the Ivory Tower — … Continue reading The ivory towers of academia

Series on YouTube Lectures

YouTube has indeed grown useful; if you ignore the fluff around comments, share/liking/subscribing etc by using specific browser extensions, it is indeed a powerful platform to distribute content. The general refrain, of course, is to avoid the "entertainment section". I am maintaining specific channels for YouTube creators (by automating content delivery) though. I will now … Continue reading Series on YouTube Lectures

Improving writing

Writing is the best way to learn about anything! A wonderful blog post from a developer's perspective: Is it worth writing about? | When I learn a topic I normally go through dozens of posts, papers, docs, videos or books to find a version that clicks. If I can. I prefer to start with … Continue reading Improving writing

Is Instagram over?

This is from The Atlantic (owned by Job's widow): Everyone’s Over Instagram - The Atlantic Even just a couple of years ago, it would have been unheard-of for these 20-something New Yorkers to shrug off Instagram—a sanctimonious lifestyle choice people would have regretted starting a conversation about at that party they were headed to. But … Continue reading Is Instagram over?

Who’s leaving Twitter?

No one. Then why is there an "exodus" out of the network? Those are outliers. In a brilliant take, Ashish Chandrakar explains this nuance: Who Is Going To Leave Twitter? Not Many As Platform's Network Effect Is Driven By An Unique Triad That Is Tough To Replicate Secondly, this inherent two-sidedness reflects in the way … Continue reading Who’s leaving Twitter?