Retention better than fresh hiring

This one is related to “leadership”:

Employers should prioritize retention over hiring, study suggests | HR Dive

Customer service employers may be more concerned with finding new employees than retaining existing ones — to the potential detriment of their organizations, an MIT Technology Review report released Sept. 15 said.While 62% of employers surveyed said they struggle with increased recruiting costs, only one-third said that high staff turnover is a problem.

To combat this issue, leaders need to develop career paths for customer experience staff that expand beyond the contact center, the report said.That means robust learning programs — and a culture of learning and development — may be a key retention tool for those organizations, the report continued.

Such programs should tie into employees’ personal and professional goals, it said.

The most crucial aspect of starting a “system” is defining the “culture” of an organisation. This is an unsaid, unmerited aspect, and I have witnessed a high churn rate of individuals in specific departments. People leave because of salary structures, but an active culture that doesn’t value the staff’s contributions. Professional goals are difficult to nurture in the absence of “kick-starting” a full fledged academic program (for example). There are challenges abound, but the focus on delivery and professional goals has to go hand in hand.

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