Accessing health information

A plug for subscription: Giving patients good health information isn't profitable—but soon it will be It's tough to remember, but ten years ago nobody paid for information on the internet. If you pulled out your credit card in front of your computer it was because you were buying something physical. But these days we're all … Continue reading Accessing health information

Choosing your chat application

Hypothetically, a new user buys a "smart-phone". How does the user navigate through the options? The individual might stumble on this chart: Let's ignore the Chinese applications, because the users have no real choices. This eliminates atleast four applications (WeChat leading the pack). Telegram is up against the Meta family of applications and to my … Continue reading Choosing your chat application

A little peek into Supply Chains

The authors propose a radical change to existing supply chains of the semiconductors. As again, the focus here is not the actual supply change themselves but a little understanding of how bottlenecks evolve. Fixing the U.S. Semiconductor Supply Chain The vast majority of semiconductor fabs are located in Taiwan, mainland China, and South Korea. The … Continue reading A little peek into Supply Chains

Retention better than fresh hiring

This one is related to "leadership": Employers should prioritize retention over hiring, study suggests | HR Dive Customer service employers may be more concerned with finding new employees than retaining existing ones — to the potential detriment of their organizations, an MIT Technology Review report released Sept. 15 said.While 62% of employers surveyed said they … Continue reading Retention better than fresh hiring