Research Agendas

I stumbled on this “research report”:

Science, technology and innovation is not addressing world’s most urgent problems – Leiden University

Global science research serves the needs of the Global North, and is driven by the values and interests of a small number of companies, governments and funding bodies, finds a major new international study published today. As such, the authors find, science, technology and innovation research is not focused on the world’s most pressing problems including taking climate action, addressing complex underlying social issues, tackling hunger and promoting good health and wellbeing.

The concerns of “global south” are not the concerns of “global north”. Simple. If you wish to engage for “funding” from the “global north”, there are better ways than publishing rubbish reports.

In brief, the report calls for:

  • Increasing funding for SDG-related research and innovation, particularly in lower income countries, on underlying social issues, social policy and grassroot innovations, and research relevant to a region or context.
  • Promoting a rich diversity of science, technology and innovation pathways to address specific SDG challenges, including social and organisational innovation.
  • Designing accountable initiatives that strengthen science, technology and innovation governance and support open and inclusive processes of deliberation and prioritisation.
  • Empowering stakeholders to form different interpretations of what counts as SDG-related science, technology and innovation.

There’s no need to solicit funding for “grassroots” innovation or rich diversity. These are all trendy catchwords (accountable, non-profit, diversity, grassroots, global empowerment, stakeholders, innovation).

Better avoided.

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