Apple App store policies

From the Financial Times:

Apple critics hit out at latest App Store changes | Financial Times

Apple this week updated its App Store rules to require advertisers to use its in-app purchase system when “boosting” their posts on social apps such as Facebook and Instagram. The change means social platforms will have to pay 30 per cent of the revenue from those ads to Apple, in line with its standard commission for digital content bought within an iOS app.

These changes will hit companies like Meta with a further reduction in revenues and Apple’s policy of rent seeking as the monopoly. There is no doubt that Apple is an entrenched ecosystem, and despite the slowing down of hardware sales has made a strong shift towards the services revenue.

They have achieved this through behavioural shaping – that you require applications for every interaction, something that can be done through the browsers. They stunted Safari for a reason. They make “special arrangements” with other applications to bypass in-app payments.

A further enterprise strategy that hinges on app distribution through stores, which is a problem. App store policies can change any time, and there are are enough discussions around these issues. I think there is a complaint pending in the EU around Safari. Hopefully, that will be resolved in favour of the consumers.

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