Is Twitter dying?

Consider this: (Now Musk owns Twitter – by the time you read this).

Exclusive: Twitter is losing its most active users, internal documents show | Reuters

Cryptocurrency and “not safe for work” (NSFW) content, which includes nudity and pornography, are the highest-growing topics of interest among English-speaking heavy users, the report found.

Twitter declined to specify how many of its tweets are in English or how much money it makes from English speakers. But the demographic is important to Twitter’s business, some analysts say.

emphasis mine

Here’s another:

The study also expressed surprise about the decline in interest for e-sports and online streaming personalities, which were previously growing quickly across Twitter. “The big communities are now in decline,” the report said.

Twitter is a cesspool for bots and automated content. The overall quality of the network has declined and is of zero relevance. Unless, you want to believe the PR handouts. Twitter is also a poor choice for “interactions”.

Telegram is the way forward-both for private chats, massive groups and broadcast through channels.

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