Twitter threads are useless!

I don’t know why they got into fashion. Twitter is useless barring short blurbs.

Here’s a more opinionated rant against them:

Stop writing Twitter threads! – Chez pieq

First of all, it is really, really hard to read. The people who posted these had to hash their writings into farts twats tweets of 280 characters or less. Each tweet is displayed independently, and the reader has to make a cognitive effort to follow the flow. Adding GIF memes every 2 tweets doesn’t help with this, but I guess this is a generational issue (I’m old, get off my lawn!).

A bit more technical explaination:

There is the aberration of the amount of data transferred, too. Just unfolding the thread about the cold-proof housing downloads 7.20 MB of data according to Firefox devtools (including 5.30 MB of Javascript alone)… and it’s not even the whole thread, since there is a part 2 and a part 3! All in all, I had to download 22.26 MB of data. I actually heard about this thread thanks to Tristan Nitot’s article about it, where he stitched all the tweets together into an actual article. By comparison, his blog page downloads 28.94 KB of data (the full text is actually 16,093 bytes). I downloaded almost 800 times more data from Twitter to get the exact same information. Height hundred times more data, people!

It’s pointless to be on Twitter unless you know how to automate it.

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