A little direction for the blog

I am exploring some options around creating “verticals” of articles/papers/ideas that offer an incremental deep dive. While the current pace of the posts here might appear “chaotic”, each offers a unique insight into the evolving dynamic landscape of healthcare+ enterprises+ changing practice of medicine. I persisted with this workflow because it is the most efficient one. I link to specific blurbs (compared to an earlier iteration where I had to manually paste links). Everything is autocaptured with keyboard shortcuts.

However, I’d also like an insight into how my writing has evolved; how “right” or “wrong” I was in making specific assessments. For example, Stratecherry, an “influential newsletter” around the business of big tech, has an excellent deep-linkage into the past and present. I necessarily don’t agree with everything he asserts, but his custom CMS can offer a “historical perspective.” It would do a wealth of good to readers (and myself) to understand the deep dive.

Setting up “verticals” requires a custom design that my current WordPress subscription fails to offer. I have specific ideas, but will take them gradually forward, given the complexities of clinics and demands of some paltry “social commitments”. I am not surprised that the “readership” is slowly growing into a “round number” of a few hundreds (!) and therefore, it would be worthwhile to continually explore newer ideas.

The big problem is the payment system before I can even think of “monetising” the content. Bulk of what I write about (mostly contemporary events) and papers are behind paywalls. It is morally reprehensible to monetise content and secondary ideas. Besides, the money isn’t something that will propel me into the tax payer’s stratosphere, but rather a little “loose change”. Anyone forking out money will demand a specific attention, and I am not keen to devote extra time to “paying subscribers”. If I ever decide to paywall content (behind premium subscription tier), it will be carefully screened to keep copyright trolls away!

Stay tuned!

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