Context switching in applications

Psychologists are increasingly looking at these options; context switching between applications has assumed “pandemic proportions” (pardon the pun).

How To Combat Zoom Fatigue, Lower Productivity at Work – Bloomberg

Frustrations with technology at big firms prompted 76 employees, on average, to leave last year, WalkMe’s survey found. “People only have a certain tolerance level and then they just check out,” said Bob Ellis, global head of the talent and organization practice at Infosys Consulting.
Scott Fingerhut, a longtime Silicon Valley marketing executive, has seen that firsthand over the years. “The hard thing,” he said, “is that most people don’t see it coming. You don’t get a notification for burnout.”

The bigger concern is: “barnacle applications” for which companies pay but don’t use.

For example, employees might prefer to do their video calls over Zoom, whose market share has nearly tripled since 2019. But during those calls, they’re also chatting on Slack and sharing documents using Microsoft’s Teams, which is neatly integrated with Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Some apps are just used by a few employees, while others are popular for a while, then get supplanted and fade into the background — the so-called barnacle apps. (Remember Skype?) More than half of IT professionals polled by cloud software maker Freshworks Inc. say they pay for SaaS stuff that their IT teams never even use.

Two reasons I linked to the story here:

  • It is better to use browser based workflows like Vivaldi. I did a lot of “research” in improving productivity with two monitors, but ended up buying a single large ultrawide monitor that works with my current ThinkPad. I don’t see any specific reason to switch or find an alternative. With a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, my computing needs are well taken care of.
  • As Telemedicine grows in organisations, these issues will become paramount in hospitals, too.

Context switching and multiple applications is a major problem.

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