Another list of blogging platforms

The list appears as a courtesy of the author here.

  • Bear – really good actually, but there’s only a plain text editor.
  • Blogger – owned by Google and a worse UI than WP. Being owned by Google, it’s probably going to be killed off at some point.
  • Blot – interesting concept, but it’s just a little abstract for me.
  • Craft – it’s a whole new ecosystem I’d have to learn and it doesn’t seem to offer anything over WordPress.
  • Ghost – I really like the Ghost UI and editor, but their themes are really bloated and I don’t like the blogging + newsletter direction they’re going in.
  • Grav – I wanted to love Grav, but it felt like death by 1000 cuts. Just constant small issues that I was having to work around. Never could get the RSS feed to work properly.
  • Jekyll – I love Jekyll and still use it for a number of projects, but like Bear, there’s no real editor to speak of, which makes producing content a pain.
  • Jekyll + Netlify CMS – it’s ok. Works pretty well and adds a lot of the value WP does. However, after testing it with my pal Mike, it adds like 100+ KB of JavaScript to each page. Hard nope.
  • Jekyll + Forestry CMS – pretty good actually, but it adds all kinds of commits to Git, which makes parsing the history impossible. They’re working on a new version, so I’ll probably give that a try when it comes out of beta.
  • Kirby – very similar to Craft. It’s a whole new ecosystem to learn and it doesn’t really add much (that I can see) over WP.
  • Medium – just no. It’s a closed ecosystem that’s obnoxious to writers and readers alike.
  • Publii – I wanted to love Publii. It runs locally, has a block editor, and outputs a static site. Seemed perfect, but building the site took SOOOOOO long. Ain’t no-one got time for that.
  • – ridiculously over-complicated to produce content with and has (had?) a number of bugs.

Just use WordPress.

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