A list of the blogging platforms

I have included this list from the author:

On blogging and blogging platforms. – Ru

Some smart people on Mastodon have recommended just keeping things as they are, and posting occasionally if that’s what I find myself comfortable with — even if it’s just 3 posts in one whole year — and that sounds logically quite right.
Plus, keeping things as they are has the least amount of resistance. It’s probably why I haven’t done anything radical for a long time now. A long time at least in the blogging-setup timezone.

The list:

  • ubstack seems like a misfit and UX hell.
  • While Matt has been kind enough to offer a regional discount, I’m not sure I still see a long-term future with Write.as (something really nice about it is it’s a part of the fediverse).
  • Ghost is incredibly expensive and for my use case, not so different from WordPress. It doesn’t offer anything that makes me want to really try it given my feature requirements.
  • Medium.com hasn’t been held in high regard for a long time now. And uncertainty around their business decisions is something I don’t want to deal with.
  • Dev.to does not seem like a fun place to be. It’s a much nicer Medium.com, but its niche is of course just developers. I don’t make many of those posts anymore. Plus it’s kind of like Instagram but for developer blogs. I just don’t like the vibe.
  • Plume is not maintained. Side story: I was close to committing to a small annual monetary support but that’s when I found out it’s no longer actively maintained.
  • BearBlog won’t allow scripts and therefore Plausible Analytics.
  • Prose.sh is way too geeky. SSH for login? Nope. Just yesterday, I opened and edited this post on my phone. A web browser was all I needed. WordPress obliged, too, of course.
  • Micro.blog seems interesting but I’m not sure it’s one for me. Manton declined a regional price too.
  • Publii sounds like an excellent idea in theory but all it felt to me was clumsy and more work than a managed/hosted blog.
  • Self-hosting Tanzawa or GoBlog is no longer a task I want to undertake.

Just choose WordPress.

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