On writing by Saloni

This is an interesting perspective by Saloni on her newsletter (I fail to understand why they are stuck on Substack) but read it nevertheless:

Scientific Discovery | Saloni Dattani | Substack

Writing is about exchanging knowledge: you do it when you know something that you want other people to know – something that they don’t know already. So you have to meet them halfway and give them the context to understand it. The context you provide depends on who your audience is.

Audience has the choice to move on. If you don’t like the contents, delete or close the tab. It’s impossible for me to determine the “quality” of the readership. As I mentioned before, I write publicly to understand contextual nuances about broad issues. If you wish to follow a similar trajectory, you just have to start. Don’t delay it then. It helps when you have a defined readership to answer to. For example, I’d be curious to know who reads the monotonous tomes of literature around financial documents or “white papers”, strategising about the next wave of policy. Yet, they are written in excruciating detail and obtuse language to ensure it appears as a “scholarly work”. Writing for the sake of writing then appears like a chore. For me, its the dammed up ideas waiting to get a release.

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