On writing by Saloni

This is an interesting perspective by Saloni on her newsletter (I fail to understand why they are stuck on Substack) but read it nevertheless: Scientific Discovery | Saloni Dattani | Substack Writing is about exchanging knowledge: you do it when you know something that you want other people to know – something that they don't … Continue reading On writing by Saloni

Why operating systems are redundant (almost)

Sometimes, Twitter conversations can spark ideas. I realised my browser workflow (using Vivaldi) has made the choice of operating system redundant. Almost. Consider this: Browser: Vivaldi. Bibliography: Paperpile (also comes with keyboard shortcuts to make it faster) Docs: Google Docs/Dropbox Paper/ Sometimes Word Blog: WordPress using browser. Email: Fastmail in browser interface Bookmarks: Raindrop Social … Continue reading Why operating systems are redundant (almost)