Blogless: A new anti-blog

Blogless — Writing Articles online without a Blog

Blogless is some kind of anti-blog. No subscribers, no community stress, no excuses for not having written the follow-up article in your vacation time, just articles. You even can switch off the RSS feed, the sitemap or the pingback functionality, if you like. Blogless sets the focus back from the needs and mechanisms of a blog to the pure content of your articles.

I come across more of these projects increasingly on hacker news and I am glad people are experimenting with the format.

Actually Blogless is in beta stage – what you can read here is it’s result. It works pretty well and I did use it for many production websites like this one, but still many things could be made more perfect.

Downloading, installing and running your own instance? Or just plain simple WordPress and done with the hassle of getting upgrades? I have had several run-ins with the “independent hosts” – who are actually resellers. They lease server space and then slice/dice for various WordPress installations. I have never envisioned WordPress beyond a blog site, but the earlier experiences of dealing with the resellers were a scarring experience.

Hosting your own solution may be ideal for those who understand the process and are willing to experiment; hunt for readme logs or forums (or even direct chat with the developers). It isn’t for me. This project won’t fit for me but I linked to it because of the gradual blog resurgence.

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