Twitter censorship

Shadow banning accounts is a favourite pastime of “human reviewers”. There’s some proof:

How the EU is Forcing Twitter to Censor (and Musk Can’t Stop It) ⋆ Brownstone Institute

Twitter is obviously at the center of what is commonly known as “Big Tech censorship.” It has been busily using the censorship tools at its disposal – from removing or quarantining tweets to surreptitiously “deboosting” them (shadow-banning) to outright account suspension – for at least two years now. And those who have managed to remain on the platform will have noticed a sharp upturn in its censorship activities starting last summer.

And myriad smaller accounts have met the same fate for committing such thought crimes as suggesting that the myocarditis risk of both mRNA vaccines (Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer) outstrips any benefit or pointing to mRNA instability and its unknown consequences for safety and efficacy.    

So far, I have restrained commenting on the political aspects of the Wuhan virus, originating in China, as a clear example of “bioterrorism” and the societal impacts. As again, I am not commenting on the “scientific evidence” of the harms thereof. We will have to wait till there is an uptick of myocarditis in the long term. My ire is specifically directed at the “censorship” of social media, and as a self professed “town-square”, suppressing the voices of individuals is a matter of grave concern. They can make all tweaks to “policies” or push through legislative agendas. It is clear that the impact of Twitter (and social media) is overstated, with more harms than benefits accruing from this.

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