Keystone habits

This is a fascinating guide on developing “keystone habits; for example reading that will have multitude of benefits in the downstream.

Keystone Habits: Or How To Adopt 100 Good Habits With Just 1 Habit –

Basically, by doing one good thing you unintentionally start to do other good things. This process transmits to other areas of your life and eventually, you start to like your life.

From the blog post:

  • These are just some of the benefits of reading books:
  • Reading books relaxes you and makes you a bit more patient – and a lot more patient over time.
  • You start to get the concept that good things take time.
  • You don’t rush stuff. You think before you act.
  • You learn from the mistakes of others. You relate the stories you found in books to your own problems. You start to handle your problems better.
  • Based on the contents of the book, you create an arsenal of action items – things you can do – when there is a problem.
  • Reading adds to your library of words. You are able to express yourself better. This allows you to clearly communicate your thoughts. Thus, others can see what you mean.
  • Reading books changes how you generally think. You become a critical thinkerBetter thinker. Long-term thinker.

Please do read the linked write up in entirety. Learn to automate your social media and push towards long-form write ups and highlight issues (and solutions). This is an ongoing quest to turn mundane into efficient workflows.

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