Cleansing your priorities

I have chosen to cleanse my schedule. The process is simple. Identify the time sinks and eliminate them.

  • I’d remove the specific reading lists for some subscriptions I had paid for. They were good publications, initially, but are now far removed from their purported mission statements. They are now completely agenda-driven narratives. It was sunk money. There is no point in naming the names.
  • As again with the publications, it’s time to move over specific individuals. I interact with some people in the hope of providing them some intellectual fodder. In turn, I expect a reaction or something additional on the same grounds to provide a virtuous cycle. If they can’t check their messages regularly or provide feedback, they must go.
  • Improving email check-lists. I hope to work on folders (and specific sub-folders) to improve workflow and automate even further. This is work-in-progress, and I will implement it when time comes.
  • I have culled some reading resources in Inoreader and sharpened content collection. Inoreader forms the initial gateway to start reading.

Reorder your priorities to bring more efficiency to your daily work-flows. I had the initial fear of missing out, but no longer.

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