Nature has gone “woke”

Far from the ideals of science (and pandering to current “social narratives”). The “prestigious” journal has become a content generator now. I am increasingly seeing more instances of “diversity statements” coming out from them. Maybe, a paywall is a good idea, after all-readers aren’t exposed to the published nonsense.

Most US professors are trained at same few elite universities

Together, the studies portray an academic system in which most faculty members are trained at a few universities, and academic researchers generally come from families with similar backgrounds, setting up a cycle of sameness. “Is the system a meritocracy?” asks Daniel Larremore, a computational scientist at UC Boulder who is a co-author of both papers. “In peer review, no; in the spread of ideas, no; and in faculty hiring, surely no.”…“Accepting that prestige is a good measure of excellence means that we’re not looking into the history of how things became prestigious,” Gonzales says. The founding of elite US universities is “intertwined with exclusion”, she adds. For instance, many institutions have a history of seizing land from Indigenous groups, or originally derived their wealth from or supported their infrastructure with the labour of enslaved Black people.

Historical wrongs can be declared “right”, but browbeating them and pushing them again and again the consciousness can only be explained by an agenda driven narrative. We could keep science clean and “neutral” instead of pushing it towards undesirable ideas. Bulk of quantitative research methodologies focus on pursuing nonsense.

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