Just blog!

Another small and little vindication. We are caught up in blue ticks/retweets and creating public personas, but I prefer to blog. It is the most rewarding experience. Everyday, I have to scour through reading (and then distil the most relevant links). Instead of having those links wasted elsewhere, I created a Telegram channel (The Curious Loop) to pipe through those long reads too.

Take Care of Your Blog

Ignore the analytics and the retweets though. There will be lonely, barren years of no one looking at your work. There will be blog posts that you adore that no one reads and there’ll be blog posts you spit out in ten minutes that take the internet by storm. How do you get started though? Well, screw the research! A blog post can anything, a half-thought like this one or a grandiose essay with a million footnotes. It can look like anything, too: you can have a simple HTML-only website or you can spend a month on the typography, getting every letter-spaced part of it just right.

I agree here. Initially, the hitch and the hindrance are apparent, but I learned many things to speed up the writing process. Split screen, for example, is a huge bonus (especially through Vivaldi) and makes the writing process easier. I don’t have to go through rounds of context switching and get dedicated blocks of time to write. I will explore the gradual incorporation of the bibliography too to make the process easier. Possibly a weekend project.

Just blog!

One thought on “Just blog!

  1. I agree. In whatever state of completeness – of thought or perspective, a blog post works well to begin as well as keep for a later reference. Blogging has been rewarding experience.


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