AI Narratives: What’s completely wrong with them

Sample this in Financial Times:

AI tries its hand at economics | Financial Times

Academic economics is generally a conservative enterprise, but AI is slowly beginning to seep in. Instead of writing down and solving trusty formal mathematical models, with the assumptions and difficulties they carry, AI may allow economists to throw all their ingredients into a simulated stew and find out how it tastes.

This is what I call the “humanisation of technology”; to present AI itself as a panacea.


When it comes to saving the planet, these ingredients will be plugged into “a multi-region integrated assessment model” called RICE-N, calibrated to the latest real world data. Each proposal will change the simulated world in some way, as its AI agents go about their self-interested business. The fictitious temperature will be checked and winners will be declared. But that’s not where the work will end.

Reading it further down, I realised that it was a plug. Financial newspapers are known to have “sales agreements” by drumming up press releases as “news”. Although these product placements are known since the dawn of the newspaper industry, these unsolicited opinions do more harm than good.


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