The rise of private healthcare in UK

Coming hot on the heels of the millions waiting for their turn in the NHS, there is an eventual rise of private healthcare in the UK: NHS backlog drives steep rise in self-pay healthcare | Financial Times Demand for private healthcare is soaring in the UK even while a sharp increase in living costs hits … Continue reading The rise of private healthcare in UK

Some thoughts on Musk buying Twitter

Musk finally bought Twitter. The outsize "importance of Twitter" is political. Most "news organisations" used Twitter to "link-out" to their websites to improve their "search engine optimisation". Google, earlier on, realised that Twitter could be a "treasure trove of real-time information" and had placed results prominently on the search results. That had a "market-shaping behavioural … Continue reading Some thoughts on Musk buying Twitter

The travails of NHS

I am focused on the ongoing issues with the NHS, because despite Clarion calls to "overhaul" it, the NHS remains the shining example of how socialism can go wrong. Therefore, it provides a great example in the modern era on how not to devise healthcare policy. I link from Financial Times itself; the article is … Continue reading The travails of NHS

Building an institution & “research manifesto”

A medical student reached out to me to explore a career in Oncology. While the preliminary interaction focused on understanding the motivation levels and clarity of purpose on the individual, I am due to share a wider perspective later in the day today. It also spurred me to think about building institutional capacities and brought … Continue reading Building an institution & “research manifesto”

AWS: Avoid it

You should not be using AWS. Probably. Let's face it, choosing AWS is the cloud computing version of "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM". There is perceived safety in choosing a popular offering — it's what everybody else does. Many big players that product teams look up to, be it Netflix or Twitter or … Continue reading AWS: Avoid it