Leadership: The visibly invisible

This link came out of nowhere! I had the exact same thoughts while coursing through my workplace. We end up ignoring the people who make it possible for us to work effectively. Housekeeping staff, janitors, security guards or even subordinates.

Each one can add some value to our lives.

Bystanders in your life – by Petter Haga – Happy Chasing

A friend of mine works as a janitor in a prominent business area in Oslo. He once told me he felt invisible at work. Lawyers, bankers, consultants, and other people in suits, walk around ignoring him. They treat him as if he was just air. When they ask him or his colleagues for something, many are not polite. Rather, they’re often demanding in a rude way, as if they’re giving orders. He felt like they didn’t respect him and his work.

So thats what the author did and that’s what I do:

So the next day at our previous offices, I saw the guy that was cleaning in the common areas. I’d seen him so many times before. Almost every day. I smiled at him and said «Good morning, how are you doing?». The guy lit up and smiled back. We had a small casual chat. The rest of our time at that co-working space, we greeted each other, small-talked, and had some good laughs. It gave joy to both of our lives.

These are valuable leadership lessons!

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