Geopolitics around AI

US restricts advanced GPU’s to China. Here’s a sampler from Financial Times:

China condemns move threatening access to advanced Nvidia chips | Financial Times

China has condemned a US move that threatens its access to high-end processors from American companies that are central to the most demanding artificial intelligence work, after Washington stepped up its efforts to restrict exports of cutting-edge technology to its trade and military rival.

The government is imposing the requirement on any products containing its A100 and forthcoming H100 graphical processing units. The processors are used as “accelerators” to speed up the most data-intensive parts of the machine learning calculations used in AI.

I won’t comment on these developments, though China is a rouge state, and there are enough workarounds to gain access to critical technologies through other intermediaries. China often overstates its achievements, but they appear to have some genuine advances in quantum mechanics. Its AI/Robotics is mostly gimmicky, but facial recognition algorithms are being state subsidised for export markets. Its healthcare is in shambles, but I have heard about their “robotic advancements” in minimal access surgeries for lung cancer.

AI has long been associated with dual military/civilian use, and these access restrictions are one cog in the system.

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